Car seat Joie Every Stage FX 0-36kg


Car seat Joie Every Stage FX 0-36kg

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It is the seat that can respond to all stages of the child’s development.

  • The first stage
    is for use from about 0-18 kg where the seat is tied in reverse direction to the car. When the seat is tied in reverse direction it has a blue additional safety that helps to more correct, stable and securely place the seat in the car.

  • In the second phase
    , the seat is converted into a 9-15 kg class seat and is tied forward to the three-point belt of the car.

    • The headrest is adjusted to the right height to bring the child seat belts to the right place and to hold the child ideally.
    • It has three recall seats so that the little passenger can sleep comfortably, while it is also equipped with a ventilation system on the side parts of the seat to prevent the baby’s body from developing high temperatures over long distances.

  • In the third stage
    , the Stages seat is converted into a 15-36 kg class seat. At this stage the seat no longer uses the belts of the child seat and the child and the seat are tied together with the three-point belt of the car.
  • One of the advantages of the Stages is that in order to be converted to 15-36 kg, it is not necessary to remove the belts from the seat but to place them in the special storage slots that the seat has.


  • 6 recall posts: 2 when looking back & 4 when looking ahead
  • Side protectors that protect the head, body and hips of the child
  • Guard Surround Safety™ panels that provide extra side protection and can be activated separately for extra space in the vehicle
  • Reinforced steel interior that enhances the structural integrity of the seat
  • With the AutoAdjust™ system the sides open as the headrest rises as the child grows
  • Adjustable headrest with one hand at 10 different heights
  • The zone system adapts as the height of the headrest changes, without having to re-adjust them
  • 5-point belts are “hidden” in a special area when the seat is used as a booster for older children
  • Luxurious and comfortable fabrics that offer comfort
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Side storage cases for all essentials when traveling
  • Clear seat placement guides
  • Double locking when the seat is installed on the vehicle with the 3-point belts
  • 5-point zones with soft covers to keep the child comfortable and safe
  • The 5-point zones are adjusted with a single pull

Weight: 13.92kg
Dimensions: 55 x 48-52.6 x 66-85.5cm
Certification: ECE R44/04

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