Car seat COLIBRO – PRIMO “ONYX” 0-25kg



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The PRIMO car seat of COLIBRO is designed for children from 0 to 25 kg (group 0, I, II).

Although the PRIMO mounts on the car with 3-point car belts, the connection is extremely stable thanks to the accessories of the famous brand FITWIZ®, which include patented belt tensioners, a central seat belt buckle and all rings and drivers for car belts. Rear mounting for children weighing up to 13 kg is possible thanks to a special support built into the base of the seat, which further increases the angle of inclination.

Car seat for children from groups 0, I, II (from 0 to 25 kg),
rear support for children up to 13 kg (RWF),
strong anterior laying for children from 9 kg,
accessories from the famous brand FITWIZ® (buckles, washers, belt tensioners),
7 seat tilt positions,
additional comprehensive support for children from 0+ group,
high behind,
an ergonomic reduction insert system,
breathable anti-popping fabric,
easy removal of wallpaper,
belt fork support system (Buckle buckle buckle).


The COLIBRO brand is a safety guarantee – each of our products has passed all the required tests, has each of the required certificates and their production has been undertaken by reliable factories employing professionals in the children’s products industry.

ECE R44 / 04 – The European safety standard ECE R44/ 04 is a prerequisite for the approval of the car seat in the European Union market. Each COLIBRO car seat has ECE R44/04 approval issued by an accredited research institute in Poland or abroad. The GO model has a bond certificate issued by the Dutch institute RDW and further confirmed by Tass International Siemens Business. This standard covers a number of tests, including an impact impact test at 50 km/h, a rear impact test at 32 km/h and a 360 degree rotation test.

All COLIBRO car seats have been manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Application: group 0, I, II (0 – 25 kg)
Dimensions (length / width / height): 53 cm / 46 cm / 73 cm
Weight: 8,2 kg

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