Car seat COLIBRO – OMNI 360 Isofix “DOVE” 0-36kg


COLIBRO – OMNI 360 Isofix “DOVE” 0-36kg

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  • Car seat for children from groups 0, I, II, III (from 0 to 36 kg),
  • rotating seat (360 ° rotation system),
  • back for children up to 13 kg,
  • adjustable obliquely (EASY ACCESS),
  • ISOFIX quick assembly system,
  • Top belt,
  • accessories from the famous brand FITWIZ® (buckles, guides, TOP TETHER belt),
  • SIDE BUMPER lateral protection system,
  • 3 seat tilt positions,
  • 7 seats of headrest height,
  • an ergonomic reduction insert system,
  • breathable antiperspirant fabric.

The OMNI ISOFIX car seat of COLIBRO is designed for children from birth, up to 36 kg (group 0, I, II, III = 0-36 kg). The 360 ° rotation function allows you to move the child forwards and backwards. You only need to press a button to turn the seat around without having to remove the base.

The seat can also be placed on the side, which makes it easier to place the child in the seat and feed when it is parked. OMNI is equipped with the ISOFIX fast assembly system with the TOP TETHER belt, thanks to which you can quickly and safely install the seat in the car. The ISOFIX system minimises the risk of improper positioning of the seat, which is often the case for seats that are only secured with 3-point idle zones. The OMNI seat has ece R44/04 approval and the TUV SUD safety certificate.

Thanks to the ability to tilt the seat, your child will travel to the optimum position. The most lying position, combined with the rear seating position, is used to transport children from the 0+ group (from birth to 13 kg). The other 2 seats are reserved for children travelling in a car seat facing in the direction of travel.

The SIDE BUMPER lateral protection system additionally protects the child in the event of side-impact collisions. Special covers are made of energy-consuming ABS plastic.

Omni has a special reduction insert that reduces the angle between the seat and the backrest of the seat. Protects the lumbar spine of the child.

The European safety standard ECE R44/ 04 is a prerequisite for the acceptance of the car seat in the European Union market. Each COLIBRO car seat has ECE R44/04 approval issued by an accredited research institute in Poland or abroad. The OMNI model has a certificate of approval issued by TUV SUD. This standard covers a number of tests, including an impact impact test at 50 km/h, a rear impact test at 32 km/h and a 360 degree rotation test.

ISO 9001

All COLIBRO car seats have been manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

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