Stroller Espiro Next 2.1 Melange 07 gray center 2 in 1


Stroller Espiro Next 2.1 Melange 07 gray center 2 in 1

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“ESPIRO” The epitome of children’s strollers. The company with the European awards. They are designed and manufactured in Poland strictly observing all European standards.


Made of waterproof material, the design of which is specially woven. For every season, weather and every street. Equipped with the most modern functions and accessories. With a spacious storage space. The seat can be mounted backwards and shifted in the direction of the course. The closing of the stroller is very easy, literally in one go, even with the seat mounted on the frame. Espiro Next Avenue was designed to support parents and children from birth to the age of 3. It is well adapted to the needs of your growing child.

Suitable from a newborn

  • Large carrycoat with leather upholstery as well as adjustable backrest.
  • High-quality cotton inside the carrycot and seat.
  • Internally made of soft material for greater comfort.
  • Large hood in the carrycot that includes perforated fabric that allows air to pass through.
  • Adjustable handle with eco-leather with the ability to adjust its height.
  • It is mated to a Baby Design LEO car seat or a Joie 0-13kg for up to 12 months, which adapts to the frame of the stroller (3 in 1).
  • Soft suspension to adjust the stroller to rough terrain ensuring the comfortable transport of the baby.
  • Durable and lightweight stroller frame made for years of use.

The espiro frame was designed with the thought that it will be used for many years – every day, several times a day, in various terrains and in all weather conditions. In addition, the basket attached to the frame of the stroller will be used to transport many baby parts. It is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. It is extremely easy to fold it. In addition, there are 4 pumps with built-in suspension system.
Locking of the front wheels

The espiro’s carrycot is lightweight with an extremely spacious interior. Its bottom is made of durable plastic, which protects against being damaged. At the bottom there is a special adjustable ventilation system – especially useful in summer. The chamber is additionally foldable, has a ventilation window, an additional sun visor that protects against the sun and rain, a built-in mosquito net and an internal UV fabric. Placing and removing the glass under the stroller is easy and quick.

It has a very rich equipment:

  • Soft / full shock absorption
  • Foot brake
  • Wheels made of reinforced rubber and compressed foam, with eternal warranty.
  • Shopping cart with zippers
  • Framework insurance mechanism
  • Folding mechanism
  • Handhold adjustment button
  • Adjustable handle
  • Leather handle
  • Additional hood on the dome of the port-bebe
  • Mosquito net integrated into the dome of port-bebe
  • Expandable dome
  • Dome ventilation
  • Mechanism for securing the glass in the context of
  • Locking front wheels
  • Mounting / Removing rear wheels
  • Ergonomic carrying handle for the carrycot
  • Pocket for small items
  • Mechanism for disconnection of the carrycot
  • One-click open/close box system
  • Adjustable seat backrest
  • Bag with changing table and air cover
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Winter footbag-sleeping bag with pocket
  • Additional protection against wind and cold
  • UV fabrics 50+ for 100% protection from sun, rain, snow, wind, cold.


European standards:
The company’s priority is to provide younger children with complete safety during travel, rest and play. All ESPIRO strollers meet the strict requirements of the European standard EN 1888:2012. Before the carts are placed on the market, they undergo numerous mechanical and chemical tests at the European certification institutions and undergo a series of internal tests. Each ESPIRO baby stroller meets the requirements of EN 1888:2012.

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Weight 14,5 kg 4,75 kg 15 kg 5,2 kg 15 kg 9,8 kg
Height 107 cm 20 cm 107 cm 48 cm 28 cm 28 cm 25 cm 29 cm
Length 76 cm 76 cm 76 cm 22 cm 76 cm 76 cm
Width 61 cm

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